TRAX Car Wash New Brunswick offers all types of car detailing. From Interior Armor All detailing (10 min online) to a Full Service Interior/Exterior Detail (4-5 hours offline) we have the package that is right for you. We use only the best car detailing products and waxes to ensure your car is like brand new again. Have peace of mind that your car is in good hands as our detailing employees are fully trained. Schedule a car detail at our New Brunswick location today and get that new car look and new car smell once again!

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Full Detail
$289.99 /SUV $309.99

  • Complete Interior & Exterior Detailing
  • Exterior Compound & Wax
  • Interior Shampoo
  • Dash & Door Paneling with Armor All Protectant
  • Black Magic Tire Shine
  • Leather Conditioner

Exterior Detail
$169.99 /SUV $189.99

  • Exterior Wash
  • Exterior Compound & Wax
  • Black Magic Tire Shine

Interior Detail
$199.99 /SUV $219.99

  • Interior Shampoo and Steam Clean for Rugs, Mats & Leather/Vinyl Seat
  • Dash & Door Paneling Sealed with Armor All Protectant
  • Leather Conditioner

Carpet Express
$89.99 /SUV $99.99

  • Shampoo Rugs/Mats
  • Black Magic Tire Shine

Express Detail Service - Exterior
$79.99/$89.99 SUV

  • Full Service Wash
  • Armor All tire shine
  • Rain-X for windows
  • Blue Coral wax
  • Hand-polishing service available

Express Detail Service - Interior
$89.99/$99.99 SUV

  • Spraying Down middle console, cupholders & doors
  • Blowing out all cracks/crevices, cupholders, middle console & seats
  • Thorough vacuum after blowout
  • Interior shine on dashboard, middle console & doors