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About TRAX Car Wash

TRAX Car Wash was established in 2014. Our goal is to provide the best service, quality and value to all our customers. This has enabled us to grow quickly. With a strong management team, state of the art cleaning equipment, comfortable and renovated facilities and an Unlimited Monthly Wash Club that can be used at any of our convenient locations, we will continue to look for more opportunities to grow.

Our Metuchen Car Wash Location

TRAX Car Wash Metuchen is an Exterior Only Express Car Wash. We offer Unlimited Monthly Wash Club memberships, package car washes and car detailing services. We have state of the art washing equipment and 8 powerful self-serve vacuums.

Great car wash, staff is extremely friendly and hardworking. Even with a line out the door, The cars move fast, But you still get the same quality wash you would if you were the only one there. I will definitely keep bringing my cars to trax car wash and always recommend to my friends and family

Nice place. Quick and easy. You stay in the car while it gets washed. Easy to access from the street. Staff is friendly and helpful.

I have been a monthly customer for both of our cars for our family. They prep the car perfectly before the wash. In fact, a recent trip with sap on my hood, the prep team went inside for GOOF OFF remover to make sure that the sap was removed. They also do a great job drying the car upon exit. Five stars plus!!

Great service and value! They do a great job cleaning the exterior of my car and truck clean! I always go for the full tire service. My vehicles always look like new when they are done!
I highly recommend Trax Car Wash!

I prefer this car wash than any others in our area. Walter is sincere with his compliments and does a wonderful job in making us feel welcome. The price is right, the experience is easy, You never exit your vehicle, and at the end of the wash, Ed and company do a quite thorough job hand drying your car