Quick Lube

Bring your vehicle to our expertly trained mechanics. They can quickly change your oil, filters, check your brakes and tires, check steering fluids, transmission fluids, clean your fuel injectors and much more! We carry Duramax oil and most other name brand oils. We can quickly and efficiently service your vehicle to make sure it’s running at its best. We strive to provide the best service and value around. All Duramax oils come with a rebate, limited lifetime engine warranty and we offer free exterior wash with any oil change or package service. Bring your car to the experts at our Edison location today!

All our Unlimited Members will enjoy 10% off all oil changes, package services or detailing packages.

Valet Service – Have your vehicle picked up, serviced & detailed and delivered back to you at your office or in the comfort of your own home! Download the Taplocal app in the App Store and search for TRAX to schedule your service today.

Oil Change Menu

Conventional Oil Change
High Mileage Oil Change
Synthetic Oil Change

Bottled Oil Change Services

Kendall 0W20 Synthetic Oil Change 
Castrol Magnatec Synthetic Oil Change 
Mobile 1 Synthetic Oil Change 
Diesel Oil Change 

Please be advised an oil change includes up to 5 quarts of oil. Specialty fluids/oil filters subject to upcharge. All prices plus tax. All oil changes to include disposal fee $2.99.

Anything else will be charged as follows:

Conventional Oil
$4.99 per qt.
High Mileage Oil
$6.99 per qt.
Synthetic 0W20 Oil 
$7.99 per qt.
Kendall 0W20 Synthetic Oil
$8.99 per qt.
Castrol Magnatec Synthetic Oil
$8.99 per qt.
Diesel Oil
$9.99 per qt.
Mobile 1 Synthetic Oil 
$10.99 per qt.

Includes FREE Car Wash


Air Filters
Starting At $32.99
Cabin Filters
Starting at $37.99
Fuel Filters
Starting at $47.99


Lucas Engine Treatment 
Front Differential Flush
Starting At $59.99
Rear Differential Flush
Starting At $59.99
Engine Flush 
Fuel Injection Service 
Radiator Flush 
Transmission Flush 

Odds & Ends

Light Bulb
Starting at $9.99 ea.
Starting at $19.99
Used Tire Disposal Fee 
$3.00 ea.
Tire Plug 
Wheel Balance 
$20.00 ea.
Tire Rotation
Starting at $24.99
Tire Mount & Balance
Starting at $30.00 ea.
Upon Request
A/C Recharge


Diagnostic Fee 
Brake Pads
Upon Request
Brake Rotors
Upon Request